Why are we different?

The Hernia Institute of Louisiana, founded by Dr. Treen in 1999, was developed out of the perception that advanced techniques in the repair of common hernias as well as major abdominal wall reconstructive procedures were needed in our region. Since the opening of the Hernia Institute, a practice focused upon excellence in hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction, Dr. Treen has brought the latest and most advanced hernia repair techniques to New Orleans. Several modifications of surgical methods by Dr. Treen have become standard procedures...

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Surgeon Education

Since 1999, thousands of surgeons from around the world have travelled to New Orleans and the Hernia Institute of Louisiana to learn our methods. Training other surgeons is both an honor and a privilege, and we look forward to providing a valuable and enjoyable experience.

All instruction is based upon solid, peer-reviewed, evidenced-based research and clinical outcomes analysis. In order to ensure a personalized program, attendees are typically limited to no more that five surgeons per symposium session.

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