About Us

Why Are We Different?

The Hernia Institute of Louisiana, founded by Dr. Treen in 1999, was developed out of the perception that advanced techniques in the repair of common hernias as well as major abdominal wall reconstructive procedures were needed in our region. Since the opening of the Hernia Institute, a practice focused upon excellence in hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction, Dr. Treen has brought the latest and most advanced hernia repair techniques to New Orleans. Several modifications of surgical methods by Dr. Treen have become standard procedures around the world. In an effort to promote the adoption of advanced surgical techniques in the repair of hernias, Dr. Treen established a monthly symposium as part of our Surgeon Education program at St. Charles Surgical Hospital for surgeons from around the world to learn and observe these latest techniques. Since 1999, thousands of surgeons have traveled to the Hernia Institute of Louisiana to learn from Dr. Treen.

As visiting professor at numerous medical schools and teaching hospitals in the United States, Canada, and in Europe, Dr. Treen enjoys the challenge of teaching other surgeons and trainees. Frequently participating as faculty for hernia specialty meetings across the world, he has had the opportunity to interact with many of the world’s experts in the field of hernia repair, sharing insights, concepts, and ideas, and further expanding his opportunity to offer world-class surgical care.

As a member of the Board of Governors of the American Hernia Society, Dr. Treen continues to work toward the advancement of research and development of surgical methods and biomaterials for pursuit of the ideal solutions for hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction. He has also established the Treen Hernia Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation to facilitate provision of hernia repair in underserved areas of the western hemisphere.

Surgeon Education

Since 1999, thousands of surgeons from around the world have travelled to New Orleans and the Hernia Institute of Louisiana to learn our methods. Training other surgeons is both an honor and a privilege, and we look forward to providing a valuable and enjoyable experience.

All instruction is based upon solid, peer-reviewed, evidenced-based research and clinical outcomes analysis. In order to ensure a personalized program, attendees are typically limited to no more than five surgeons per symposium session. Instruction is offered in multiple formats, including didactic PowerPoint presentations covering historical perspectives, anatomy and pathophysiology of hernias, and review of current methodologies. Critical analysis of biomaterial host tissue interaction and available outcomes data is reviewed, and supportive literature citations are included. Technique instruction is offered with a combination of live direct surgical observation in the operating room, and a selection of recorded case material. Dr. Treen performs all procedures facilitated by high definition video monitor close-up for live cases. Attendees are provided with a DVD of the most common procedures for subsequent review after returning home, and are encouraged to communicate with Dr. Treen via email for any future questions or specific review.

Surgeons typically arrive in New Orleans on Thursday evening, and are our guests at one of our finest hotels. Dinner suggestions are one of our favorite offerings; just let us know in advance as to your arrival time and culinary preferences. We’ll take care of the rest.

Ground transportation from the hotel is arranged for arrival at the St. Charles Surgical Hospital at 6:45 AM with hot breakfast and coffee waiting. Didactic instruction in our conference room lasts about 90 minutes, and live case observation follows immediately.

A typical course of instruction includes inguinal hernia repair, umbilical hernia repair, and laparoscopic ventral/incisional hernia repair. Requests for specific live case material can often be accommodated with advance notice. Additional didactic instruction for other repair techniques, including components separation, biologic mesh indications, and unusual or complex abdominal wall reconstruction, is offered as time and individual interest permits.

Depending on your own interests, and the attractions of the Big Easy, many attendees choose to stay in New Orleans for the entire weekend; otherwise, airport departure directly from the hospital is provided.

Opportunities for surgical education are generously provided through the Professional Education Division of Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson. Surgeons interested in attending one of our symposia are encouraged to contact their local Ethicon hernia repair representative.