Treen Hernia Foundation

Hernia repair is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States. In many parts of the western hemisphere, while the incidence of hernia remains similar to that of our country, the number of people needing hernia repair can greatly exceed the resources and capacity of local hospitals and surgeons. Many individuals have complex hernias requiring expertise not readily available in their community or even in their region.

In an effort to provide such patients the surgical expertise necessary for the repair of their complex hernia or abdominal wall reconstruction, we have established the Treen Hernia Foundation. The mission of our foundation is to meet the hernia repair needs of underserved regions of the western hemisphere, in cooperation with local surgeons, hospitals, government agencies, and volunteers. Our teams travel to remote locations as well as large cities identified through the efforts of various organizations including the American Hernia Society. Surgeons, nurses, allied health personnel, and support teams are entirely composed of volunteers. Funding for the missions is raised by the teams through donations, fund raisers, corporate gifts, and personal contributions of team members.

Often, the complexity of the surgery needed by an individual exceeds the resources available in the local medical facilities. Through the generosity of benefactors, gifts, hospitals, and fund raisers, such patients can be transported to our Hernia Institute of Louisiana for the surgery and aftercare they desperately need, and then return home to the care of their local health care system.

We are always eager to include appropriate heath care providers from other areas outside of New Orleans who desire to participate with us in this rewarding outreach program. Contact us through the Hernia Institute of Louisiana for more information on becoming a volunteer.

Contributions of surgical equipment and supplies are solicited from the health care industry, hospitals, and corporate interests. And donations in support of the expenses for our teams is dedicated 100% to the mission effort. Contributions and donations may be tax deductible, and benefactors are encouraged to consult with their local tax professionals for further information in this regard.