Thomas M. Irwin, Jr, MD, FACS
- ENT Surgeon
My hernia repair was a pleasant surprise when compared to my first repair years ago; rapid recovery, minimal discomfort and lasting results.


James Callahan, MD, FACEP
- Emergency Medicine
Great experience! Back to work in three days. Back to the gym in 10 days. Would highly recommend.



Mark Juneau, MD
- Orthopedic Surgeon

My primary concern about having a hernia repair was to avoid recurrence. Dr. Treen's hernia repairs do not recur. My surgery was on a Friday, and I returned to work on Monday. I took no pain medications.


Charles Everson, MD, FACS
- Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Treen performed outpatient inguinal hernia repair on me several years ago. The rapidity of my recovery and ability to return to work compared to a prior repair was remarkable and greatly appreciated.


Brian Keller

After stalling for 7 years, I finally worked up the courage to take care of my hernia. I consulted with 3 Doctors in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. None of them made me feel comfortable.

Dr. David Treen was recommended highly by a friend.  I scheduled a consultation with him during a visit to New Orleans. Dr. Treen took the time to explain the procedure in a reassuring manor that made me feel very comfortable. His office made everything easy.

Dr. Treen performed the surgery at Saint Charles Surgical Hospital on a Friday morning. The staff made me feel very at ease. Afterwards, they took very good care of me.  I had no real pain to speak of and after one week I felt great. I would recommend Dr. Treen and the Saint Charles Surgical Hospital to anyone who needs this type of surgery. It's great to have my life back! Thanks again Dr. Treen